This module introduces learners to the characteristics, processes and requirements of teaching and learning in TVET in Fijian contexts.

This course familiarises participants with the use of the technical features of MS PowerPoint and how to make the most of PowerPoint’s potential to improve teaching and promote learning.

The course aims to help educators establish or improve their own online or blended teaching practices and develop a working understanding of successful online teaching strategies.

Participants will:

  • learn strategies and best practices to help plan, develop and teach using online technologies
  • learn how best to engage and motivate students within online learning environments and activities
  • learn how to manage time when teaching online
  • learn strategies for planning assessments, grading student work and providing effective feedback in online learning environments
  • experience firsthand, what it is like to be an online learner as part of the process of becoming an online educator

This course is designed to assist Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) teachers, to incorporate ICT technology in their TVET courses, moving towards what is now called a Bended Learning model which integrates online digital resources with classroom teaching.. Participants will develop a short online course on the Moodle learning management system.

Some of the  assumptions that underpin current classroom practice wil be challenged through critical reflection and exploring new models of learning. Participants will also explore online instructional design practices and theories through discussion, reflection and practical activities in the design of  blended learning approaches.